Brickell Area Association About Us

Brickell Area Association
The Brickell Area Association is a membership organization devoted to the continued enhancement of the quality of life and economic development of the Brickell area. It represents office, retail and residential developments in one of the most prestigious communities in the country.

The Brickell Area Association markets the area through continued media awareness, advertising and events.

Through close relations with city, county and state elected officials and departments, the Association is committed to maintaining and improving the infrastructure of the area.

Office Space
Over 6 million square feet of space housing financial institutions and firms representing international business.

Second Largest Financial District in U.S.
Over 115 banks, both foreign and domestic are represented.

The Brickell Area Association is responsible for studying and creating an action plan for the development of Brickell Village, a retail and restaurant district immediately west of Brickell Avenue.

There are nearly 2,000 luxury units recently built with another 2,500 units planned and 1,500 to be announced this year.