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Developer apparently to build Brickell tower after $50 Million purchase of property
Sep 14, 2021

Another Brickell tower is apparently launching sales and moving full speed towards construction.

“Lofty Brickell” will include residential units with owners permitted to rent them on a short term basis through platforms such as Airbnb, according to preliminary marketing material released by multiple brokers on social media. The project will also include a marina on the river with dockage.

Sales are currently underway to friends and family, the posts state. Completion is set for 2024, meaning construction is expected to start relatively soon.

Units will be delivered fully finished and furnished; a fact sheet states.

The concept is similar to other downtown Miami towers such as Natiivo, Yotelpad, E11EVEN, and Legacy Miami Worldcenter, which have quickly sold out.

Harvey Hernandez, the developer who controls Newgard, closed on the purchase of the Lofty riverfront property near Brickell City Centre for a reported $50.75 million.

Hernandez also developed the 46-story Brickell House and 37-story Centro in recent years.

The Herald has reported multiple times this week on controversy over the early eviction of the KLA Schools of Brickell currently on the site. However, the paper also reported that the school’s lease was set to expire in December 2021 regardless.

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